zorro-396x400I prefer the sweet schizophrenia of smokers of opium or cannabis to the ferocious paranoia of an Edwy Plenel who only enjoys seeing his political enemies guillotined by the media in the name of ideals of justice and virtue that make him look like. The suspect in my eyes: the supreme virtue which he flouts is the indulgence, or even the only principle which allows men to bear themselves: the principle of indifference.

These self-proclaimed justicians exist only in the pursuit of the powerful, fatally corrupt. They are fanatics as the Catholic Church produced them under the Inquisition and Communism in the last century in its various versions. They dream of convert to the good of mankind by not considering that rarely good intentions caused so much damage. They do not even suspect that virtue is a vice like any other – and sometimes worse than all others. When it allows the megalomania of a character such as Plenel to be applauded by the public of Saturday evening shows, under the admiring glance of Aymeric Caron, I am not far from thinking that whatever the motives of these rectifiers Of wrongs, the profession of professional informer, even of executioner, would undoubtedly have procured them as much, if not more, satisfaction. Unless they dream, another hypothesis conceivable, of an absolute, quasi-divine power, which would put them under the constant obligation of separating the good grain from the tares.
I sometimes wonder how one could have been editor of a newspaper like “The World” to fall so low (it is true that he had trained this great newspaper in his downfall). And when I say so low, I mean so low in hateful and obsessive resentment. Finally, let us ask ourselves the question: what remains of Zorro when his mask is snatched from him? I will refrain from replying: it would be too cruel.

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